Prototyping is my method of developing new websites for clients.  Pricing is simple: a straight hourly rate of $15.  You can shop for a premium theme at Themeforest or another source, or allow me to use Divi which I provide at no cost.

With Divi I begin with Layout presets, which you can take a look at here:  At this prototyping domain I simply create a subdomain for your project, modify and customize the generic layouts and modules Divi or any other premium theme provides, and present a spec mockup of what your site is going to look like, for no upfront fee.

At this point you can pass or play.  If you don’t like what the site looks like and don’t like the changes I make to bring the mock up in line with your vision, you owe me nothing, no harm no foul.  If you like what I’m doing and green light me on finishing the project, you owe for the time I’ve put in, usually 5 to 8 hours, or $75 to $120.

The final cost is normally in the $300 to $500 range, payable in similar installments.  When finished, I migrate the finished site to your domain wherever it’s hosted, or host it myself through Hostgator.

This way you pay nothing if you don’t have confidence in me or simply don’t like the direction I’m going in, and I can almost guarantee the final cost of the site will usually be 25-50% less than almost any other “flat rate” quote.  You also have a more collaborative relationship to the development of your website, and I tutor you as I build the site so that you can take over some of the basic maintenance aspects of the website without having a dependence on a webmaster.

If you decide to retain my services for periodic maintenance to the site, it’s a no contract, straight $15 an hour rate just like the initial construction of the website.  Fast, affordable, and local.