Pricing / Resources

Rapid Prototyping

We can build your site before you even settle on domain registration and hosting.   I reserve space on my server for prototyping new designs.  The first 6 hours are always on spec, so if you are unhappy with the prototype,  you owe nothing.  If you approve, we finish the work and migrate the entire site to your server.

The Worklow

Prototyping > Customizing > Staging > Migration > Final Tweaks. 
Hosting services are set up in the final stages, emails, SSL, SEO, anti virus security.

We  invoice as we go in installments as things are completed.


Divi > Elementor > Wordfence >Woocommerce > Listing & Directories > Membership Pro > Learndash

Many theme “makeovers” only take 10-15 hours to complete, and can take place in a staging area offsite on my server.



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