clienteleAs a self-employed person for most of my life, my clientele tends to be creative individuals who are also self-employed.  I come from a business background–real estate & commercial photography–and have an understanding of the marketing pressures and budgets associated with creating a small business niche in a community, a mix of social networking, rising online rank, and local face to face interactions with customers.

I connect with that challenge

How I Work

howiworkI commit to a fair amount of spec work before any money changes hands.  You will be asked to invest in the purchase of a domain name and a hosting account and will be able to view mockups of custom themes and templates that you ultimately purchase with my guidance, all of which are 3rd party costs that add up to less than $75.

My own estimate is paid later, usually half upfront and half upon completion.

Skill Set

qualificationsI work with WordPress as a dynamic, open source platform, and edit premium themes and organize plugins and widgets to add attractive and accessible functionality to your website.  I am also creative and skilled at shooting and editing original or existing photography or video, understand SEO and make traffic come to your site.

I tutor as I work so you learn how to manage things on your own later.