Painfree Web Design Help

Did you try to do it yourself and got stuck?  Did you purchase a “premium” theme, and figured you could just lay out the site like an MS Word doc?  How hard could it be, right? 


I can get your project unstuck and teach you how to handle most things yourself.

I use prototyping space on my server to work on new or existing sites.  I have premium themes and page builders that generally never have a cost.  When you retain me for my hourly rate, resources that used in website development and launch are included.



I create a mock up of the site on my server and we collaborate and finish it there.  There is no need for a domain or hosting account during this process.


No contract.  The same hourly rate applies to routine maintenance to the website whether I was primary designer or came after the fact.



When the site is ready to go live it is migrated to wherever it’s being hosted.    SEO & Security plugins are installed and previous email addresses are re-activated.

I Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

All designs are responsive to all devices, from desktops to tablets to smartphones.  

Photo and video editing included at the same hourly rate.  No bait and switch or hidden fees.  Premium theme designs provided at no extra cost, and in most cases if you already progressed to a point where you purchased a theme for a particular reason, we can work with it and bring out the best of it for you. 


rapid prototyping design turnaround


all work invoiced after completion


SSL hosting, …affordable and flexible

It can all happen in one seamless step, I can design the website, register the domain in your name, establish hosting, migrate the finished site to its home, set up your domain based emails.